Tuesday, May 11, 2010


In one of my high school art classes, I struggled miserably with the impressionism portion of the curriculum. I watched as friends put feminine twists on their dreamy works, while I slogged through with too heavy a hand and too realistic an eye. A clodhopper among the ethereal.

There are many things dotting our land lately that are reminiscent of what drew impressionist painters to their easels. Sweet william and buttercups contrasted by greens and blues with larger landscapes looming in the background. They lure me just the same as the work of Childe Hassam or Claude Monet.

It is nice to capture these with a medium I understand a bit more these days - photography. And with different lenses and exposures, I can take another crack at that impressionism thing. Clumsy brushstrokes are swapped out for countless takes with a digital camera. And I'm there.

Other things on the brain:

Broken Bells. Over and over and over. Thankfully I wear headphones at work - or I think my co-workers would throttle me for the constant play and replay of this album.

Sewing and Netflix streaming old 80s movies like Footloose and The Breakfast Club. My sewing is zippier and happier with these familiar favorites in the background.

Speaking of impressionism and sewing - this fabric is calling to me for place mats.

Our Sugar Hollow Community Garden is bursting with collards and mustard greens and potato sprouts! And ready to do battle with the creatures who are nibbling certain crops down to nubbins. More on that soon . . .

Visiting tiny happy.


Southern Lady said...

I can't paint or draw anything, but I can take a picture of the beauty around me. Don't you just love photography? I can't wait to hear about how you attack the little creatures in the garden. Carla

Les said...

I have not formed an opinion on the music of Broken Bell, but I sure had fun with the link.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

beauty-full photos--trés impressionistic mon amie!

me too me too broken bells