Monday, July 12, 2010

(Michigan) Adventures

Two weeks ago, we made the journey north-north-evermore-north to Michigan's Torch Lake, where Corey grew up spending summers. The 14 hours of driving swiftly left the sweltering Virginia heat behind us and left me (giddily) searching my suitcase for a cardigan.

At one point - as I was floating on a raft with a slight afternoon buzz from a Bell's Oberon - I dreamily thought about ways to extend the stay. I mean, didn't the Vanderbilts go somewhere cooler for months at a time and did I not deserve the same experience? Oh, yeah. That small detail about funding.

So, we hoi polloi kayaked and played in the chilly water and watched fireworks over the lake while sitting in front of a campfire eating s'mores. I took Willa and my niece, Annika, for a short hike among the beeches and the ferns and the moss. I stocked up on blueberries and sweet cherries. It was all magical and relaxing.

While I was up there, I read Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. I officially hate finishing anything she has written - as it feels as if she has left my life and the quiet makes me sad. So, while nursing a post-vacation summer cold - I discovered that she has a TV show that airs on PBS. But you can also watch it through Gold! I watched the episode set in Venice (she visits various cooking schools around the globe) several times. The Peperonata in saor has me ready for pepper season in the simplest of ways.

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Anonymous said...

The blue of Torch lake is so so beautiful! Wonderful pics! Oh how I would love to be floating in a kayak in a cool lake right now...