Friday, September 24, 2010

Gardening Got You Down? Eat A Whoopie Pie.

I recently realized that this blog has departed (somewhat) from gardening. Especially in the visuals and I know that those of you who live in Virginia will understand why. Photographing the garden hasn't been fun. I actually find myself cringing and looking away from the garden because some decisions had to be made that went against every grain of my gardener soul.

Dwindling well water supplies and no real rain since July means letting things die. My stomach twists even as I write this. My plans for adding to the garden in September had to be abandoned because it would be like planting in dust and ash. Forever curious to me are the lives of the weeds that thrive in these situations. (Which reminds me, I must find some uses for pokeweed.) Even Willa's balcony vegetable garden has suffered and the tender, spindly beet greens were consumed fully by A Very Hungry Caterpillar within the span of two days.

But our Sugar Baby watermelons are miraculously ripening and I have a child who can't get enough watermelon in her life. I even put it in the blender when it is getting a bit mealy and she sucks down the juice (as do I). Everyone around here is thirsty.

We made it to a parade and balloon-filled fire department celebration with friends last weekend (second and third photos). I was lucky enough to get to most of my wish list - and yet, as expected - it spilled in increments into this week. The sweater is still in-progress, but there was progress none-the-less. And the whoopie pies - oh, the whoopie pies. If you try the recipe, make sure to double the frosting. It really is the whoopie to the pie. And good for what ails you.

This weekend will be quiet. We have mulch and compost to add to the garden. A sweet friend loaned me both her pink standing Kitchen Aid mixer and a copy of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. You will probably find me alternating time between those two treats all weekend long.


BlackStar said...

Your weather and garden sound just like ours! So, so dry! I tried tilling the rock hard soil to plant a fall garden and was surrounded in dust- like Pigpen!

Mama Gone Green said...

Your garden sounds the opposite of ours! We had so much rain at the start of our summer that it was disastrous. Almost all of our plats were devoured by slugs before they even had a chance and now a good chunk of our tomatoes are actually rotting on the vine before they finish ripening. I wish we could just trade weather a little bit and both have our wonderful gardens back! I have surrendered gardening until next spring. It is just depressing me!!

Les said...

I looks like we should get some much needed rain starting Sunday here on the coast, maybe sooner for you. Nothing here but a few weeds are thriving, all else is on life support, if it is lucky.

Becky said...

Poke Salad. You have to boil it twice I believe.

Southern Lady said...

I gave up on gardening here in North Carolina too! It was just too hot and dry. Carla