Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Little Labor : A Little Rest : A Drummer Fantasy

Some weekends it is a struggle for me to get rest, sit down or take a break - because I finally have the free time away from work to do all of the things I really want to be doing. In between the chores, I'll hang a photo, stitch a line of embroidery, sprinkle down some seeds, pull some weeds. Yes, progress really is that incremental and glacial. Not sure whether to be appreciative or frustrated on that one, so I'll just let it sit.

But this past long weekend, for some reason, I got in a terrific pattern of rest smattered with moments of productivity. Perfection, in my rambling brain, for sure:

We went to the Staunton Farmers Market on Saturday morning (top photo) . We bought some sausages from Heartland Harvest and I made one of our all-time favorite meals - the sausage-potato packet. Have I written about that here? So simple and perfect for the hungry masses that snarf it up in minutes and then mutter an appreciative thank you.

Willa and I have been doing a lot of baking. She is fully committed to her role as mixer. And when it is something extra-doughy like scones, she takes her role of rolling it, patting it and marking it with a B (her sweet words, not mine) very seriously. Thumbprint cookies with jam (we used fig jam, my strawberry freezer jam and a friend's raspberry preserves) are a present favorite.

So are the Corniest Corn Muffins. Grab the last of the sweet corn harvest and bake these.

A friend had me over to make tomato preserves. They reminded me of preserves that Corey had brought back from Haiti years ago. Sweet and savory. And good on pretty much anything.

I'm getting ready to buy a few more things for the garden - for fall perennial and shrub and tree plantings. More echinacea, some rosa rugosas, a pink dogwood, a weigela . . . and that fig tree I keep whinging on about.

I have Hoosier cabinet lust since two friends introduced me to them. Unfortunately, I don't have the funding for one, so I lust aimlessly (for now).

I'm drawn to the blog, The Age of Uncertainty, for so many reasons - including the journals of Derek and the glimpses of ephemera that spill out of books that cross the author's path. The writing alone leaves me wishing for sharper wit and observations in my own writing.

The Black Keys are coming to town on Thursday. I predict I will leave the show with a new facet added to my male drummer fantasy (about my being one, not chasing after one).


Becky said...

My weekends are the same way. And I feel so frustrated I'm not more productive during the week. My goal for this school year is to be better about grabbing that hour to myself every day a little bit better.
And I have some echinachea I'd be more than willing to share.

That Girl said...

Can't wait for The Black Keys! A good end to the week.

Alison Kerr said...

Patta Cake, Patta Cake Baker's Man... I've not yet figured out who 'B' is (being new here), but I love the story. Those thumbprint cookies are making my mouth water!

Mama Gone Green said...

sounds lovely!