Monday, January 24, 2011

Cottage Dreaming : Continued

Photo from Wikimedia.

Papa (Corey's father) reads this blog and told me to check out the Charlevoix Mushroom houses.

I would say he gets it, yes?

While waiting for spring:

I made this quinoa pudding - with coconut milk. You should, too. Fresh mango would be nice with it.

Must have a lap loom. (Thanks for the link, Leora!)

Downton Abbey. So satisfyingly English, but with a nice dose of intrigue and scandal (just like that other little show I scarfed up years ago).

I am sad to finish Keith Richard's Life, but am looking forward to something a little more, well, wholesome through The House at Riverton. (I don't think I will get the image of what it means to go 'cold turkey' from smack out of my mind's eye.)

I am trying my hardest to stay away from the stores and just use (or re-use) everything we have around the house. That now includes creating activities for Willa. This site kept us busy over the weekend (look along the right side for a quick guide to tutorials). The homemade play dough with natural dyes was a huge hit (and I learned that a garlic press makes a terrific play dough fun factory). I spent time on Sunday making the paper beads out of old magazines and it was very, very addictive.

Something green is coming up in the cold frame {!}.


Elsie said...

Jealous of your green in the cold frame. Getting ready to plant seedlings for the heating mats.

zoe krylova said...

i missed the first few downton abbey episodes, so gave up on the idea of watching it. i regret it a little. did u see bleak house? i loved that one.

Tracey said...

Yay, Elsie!

Zoe - Rent Downton if you can, soon (or whenever it is available). I LOVED Bleak House and was thinking of watching it again this winter.

donna rae said...

Hi, Tracey! Just found your blog and love it. I'm in Virginia, too, but in the Hampton Roads area... wishing for my own piece of the Blue Ridge.

Downton Abbey was wonderful. I can't bear to erase it from the DVR!

Tracey said...

Hi Donna Rae!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

I want this house. And I saw a hint of green too. Was the groundhog right? Oxox