Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Greenhouse Visits for Winter Blahs (And Other Stuff)

While having coffee with a friend last week, she reminded me that winter just started a few weeks ago. Wow. Really? But it has been so dark and cold for months already, I insisted. Gulp.

Time to shake it all off with a visit to where things are living and smelling awesome, I thought.

So, Willa and I went over to Milmont Greenhouses for some houseplants on Saturday. Inexpensive and healthy plants a-plenty. The stone fountains are always a hit, too. I told the munchkin she could pick out two plants for her room. Naturally, she picked out plants that had pink or purple as part of their foliage. Let's hear it for the X chromosomes!

And, at long last, I found a Hoya plant for myself (also sometimes called a 'rope plant'). Now, the search continues for, the understandably enticing-ly named (low-kill-rate) Cast Iron Plant. Anyone?

Indoor pursuits:

Willa and I watched some old Shirley Temple musicals the other night and she was in awe of seeing a little girl singing and dancing. And have you see this site yet? Free classic movies for after Willa goes night-night. I'm hoping to watch "Night of the Living Dead," "It Happened One Night," "Sid and Nancy," "The Jackie Robinson Story," and anything with Cary Grant.

Since I am on a list kick, I am working my way through NPR's 50 Favorite Albums of 2010 through Grooveshark, as well as a composite list supplied by friends. So far, loving: Grizzly Bear, The Mynabirds, The Smith Westerns and The Cotton Jones Basket Ride.

Totally excited that the Keith Richards book is on the hold shelf at the library - waiting for me to pick it up.

Uh-huh. Yeah. Winter meal inspirations from ohdeedoh. Including a link to slow cooker ideas.

Simplifying the Simple Life blog - for gentle, funny reminders on how to keep things easy. (Try the pizza dough recipe.)


That Girl said...

I have a rope plant in my kitchen window. My grandmother sent me a cutting off her plant several years ago and it bloomed for the first time last winter. It is one of my few plants that I have managed to keep alive since moving here from Oregon!

Southern Lady said...

It does feel like it has been winter forever! Bring on the spring! Carla

Mama Gone Green said...

A greenhouse trip sounds like a good idea!

Les said...

I look forward to the NPR list every year. I jotted down about 12 artists to investigate on this years list.

Anonymous said...

I loooove "It Happened One Night"! And I have a major Cary Grant obsession - so that film link made my day. (And many thanks for the shout out!)