Monday, March 21, 2011

The Earliest Spring Days

After nine years out here, I feel like I am finally somewhat in tune with the smallest of changes that make the segue into spring. I know when to plant the peas (even though it may take me weeks to actually get to it - grrrrrr). I know what the sound of peepers mean and the scent of wild daffodils. And the content chirping of robins in the evening. On Saturday, Willa and I saw two more signs of early spring. While visiting with Leora and getting out on her lake in a canoe - we watched turtles sun themselves and spotted salamanders scurry along the shallow waters of the shoreline. In the garden, our cold frame has spinach and lettuce ready to be harvested. Yeah, spring!

I also re-discovered the old cabin on our land. This past autumn, the farmer next door had to clear out behind it to fix his fence line. So new parts of our land were exposed. Including clumps of daffodils and crocuses that must have been a part of the cabin's previous owners' landscape. An old garbage spot was also revealed and I spent part of the weekend digging and unearthing bits of crockery, shards of blue Ball mason jars and buttons that could possibly go back 50 years. The old well pump photo above is from this spot.

It felt good to be released back on to the land. On Sunday night, I found twigs in my hair and considered that to be a sign of a weekend well spent.


The (free!) paper toys at this site are nostalgic - print them out on card stock and they will stand the test of time a bit more. Willa is a little obsessed with the puppet theater from The Sound of Music, so the thimble theater toy that you get when you join the email list should hit the spot for her. I'm a bit of all-thumbs trying to figure out how to put some things together, but using that part of the brain feels good.

New, favorite, local blogs: Charlottesville Then and Now and The Charlotte.

I'm deeply addicted to American Pickers (Hint: We don't have cable, so I stream it on Netflix.)

These fabric snack bags are so easy to make and you will love cutting back (or eliminating all-together) plastic zip locs.

I am really, really hoping to see the Charlottesville Derby Dames on Saturday.


Southern Lady said...

Sounds like spring is shaping up very nicely for you. Hope you have a great week! Carla

Becky said...

Happy Spring!

Tracey said...

Yes, happy spring ladies!

bopyoke said...

I've been loving the spring colors so far! Taking all kinds of photos. :D

William and I will be at the Derby game this Saturday, our friend Shayla is in the games. Hope you can make it out!

Tracey said...

I hope I get to see you, B!