Thursday, March 3, 2011

(Slightly) Premature Planning for Historic Garden Week

I have to admit something here. As much as I love to garden, I love something even more. Much more. Visiting other people's gardens. (Also, the older, the better.) Sometimes I'll get ideas for my own gardens. But usually the gap between what they have created and what I do on my own is so big, that I just let myself get lost in their world and their garden world alone. It is good therapy.

What better way to start off March (while staving off yet another cold) than with thoughts of breezy April days and garden discoveries?

This year's Historic Garden Week schedule is kind of fantastic. Several prayers have been answered. The biggest of which is the Newtown section of Staunton. Very old homes and very old gardens in one of my favorite places in Virginia. From the program: "Rich in architectural style and diversity, the area features the town’s earliest 18th century homes, grand antebellum Greek Revival houses and schools, and high-style Victorian dwellings from Staunton’s late-19th century heyday." Yup.

I still haven't seen Morven here in Charlottesville. So, that is up on the wish list.

And, the Monument Avenue section in Richmond (on our day off - a Wednesday!!) holds much promise. Plus, then you can hit up one of Richmond's many yummy vegetarian restaurants.

My little garden buddy is three-years-old now. Last year, I did the tours by myself - but bundled her up for the previous two years in a Moby Wrap or a backpack. I think this is the year to reintroduce her to garden visits. And I'll get to rediscover things that she initially spies at her eye level.

Garden Week - who's in?


Les said...

Have you seen the very 21st century on-line guide book for this year's tour? I am impressed with their embrace of techonology, having once thought they would be one of the last hold outs.

Tracey said...

No, I totally missed that, Les! Good lunch break reading material (a-hem).

Anonymous said...

I love garden week. Last year I was that crazy parent who dragged my little 8 week old out to Garden Week in the Moby Wrap along with her Papa. She slept most of the day and we made it to all but 2 gardens. It sounds crazy but it was perfect. This year I think she'll be the the backpack too.

Tracey said...

Anonymous - You are not crazy at all. Willa was 8 weeks for our first Garden Week, too. It was really good for both of us to get out of the house and meander gardens. Have fun this year!