Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Stuff, Eating Stuff

Garlic scapes from our vegetable patch (top photo) - sauteed in a little butter with Red Russian Kale.

Sun tea, made with Barry's Irish Tea and lemon balm from the garden. Brewed for about four hours in the blazing Virginia sun. A satisfying way to harness solar energy during those heat advisory days!

Almond oil facial moisturizer with chamomile and roses (also from the garden). I covered the just-picked buds with sweet almond oil and a few capsules of vitamin E. Then, I covered the mason jar with muslin and will let it sit for a week or so, stirring every day.

A sweet friend, Sylvia (age 7/almost 8!), has been making us the most delicious botanical lotions. Willa and I have been fighting over the newest one - jasmine and coconut oil.

Not pictured - but my new go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies, from David Lebovitz.

I have been dreaming about lobster rolls lately and want to find this truck next time we are in NYC.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

oh yes! love all of these... how do you make the lotions?
luke's lobster yes!
and Red Hook Lobster Pound, check (plus a visit to me at the brooklyn flea, two birds, one stone..

Beth said...

We also live near Sugar Hollow, so I was reading your blog and saw that you liked Luke's Lobster rolls, my son is a friend of his, what a small world.

Tracey said...

BbO - I need to get up to Brooklyn!

Beth - I love small world stuff! Thanks so much for visiting!