Thursday, May 26, 2011

Purples and Blues

I am finally starting to have the perennial/cottage/flower garden I want. A bit more shade is definitely in need, but we are working on that.

Right now, my favorite spring blues are all around. Speedwell paired with rustic fencing; Love-In-A-Mist with an old plate birdbath; an Endless Wonder hydrangea; 'May Night' salvia; and my blue garden bench among the Japanese maples. The blues are going to be offset with roses, daylilies of all varying shades of pink and yellow, glossy abelia and rose coreopsis. Some daisies still need to be planted, as well as hollyhock and elderberry.

I keep visiting Circa - to find the perfect garden dining set and have been thinking of committing to one in particular. But, we'll see.


I just bought one of these pocket watch pendants. So nostalgic and useful - all-in-one. I feel a tad like a school marm, but what the hell. It isn't a stretch.

Strawberry-rhubarb crumble and rhubarb buckle. Anytime or all the time. {These recipes are from Allison Fishman's website - we went to school together and she has a new book out - You Can Trust A Skinny Cook!}

Homemade facial scrub. Infinitely better than anything I have bought at the store. I used sweet almond oil, sugar, raw honey and a few drops of chamomile essential oil for my more sensitive skin. This stuff is the bomb - my skin was exfoliated but I didn't need to use moisturizer afterward. So efficient!

Another thing I am coveting these days is the Headache Stick from Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio - made especially for Meadowbrook Pharmacy (in Charlottesville). It is made with essential oils - and it knocks out a headache when you put a bit on your temples or across your sinuses.


kacey said...

Your garden is magical! I am sure it smells as delicious as it looks. I would love to curl up with a cocktail and a nice, long novel on your blue bench. Hope you find the time- between weeding and mothering- to do that!

Patience_Crabstick said...

Your garden is lovely. If Circa hasn't changed its return policy, you could probably take home the garden furniture without totally committing to it, although I know it's not fun to truck a whole bunch of furniture back to a store. My husband once bought the most ridiculous hanging basket chair there and I took it straight back.

donna rae said...

Breathtaking photos of those beautiful blues! Thanks for the information about the Headache Stick. It sounds like something I need as the storms come and go. Enjoy your cottage garden!

Becky said...

Gardens take so much time and patience.....I have one that I thought would take 5 years to fill in, it's been more like 10. But to finally see my vision happening is awesome!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

So beautiful! I love that you are getting your cottage together!!
and so nice to hear from you old friend///We must be on the same page even a little! I just made some body scrub too! rosewater, almond oil, sea salt and rose petals!
(Almond oil is sooooo cheap in Jackson Heights at the Patel Brothers Grocery FYI!) xooxox, Deb

curious girl (lisa) said...

oh that blue bench! so inviting and serene. how can you ever leave your paradise?

have you ever held/taught workshops? gardening? natural remedies? flower arranging? canning?

i would definitely attend.

Trixie Bang Bang said...

Really pretty post! Enjoyed reading.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention of the Blue Ridge Gypsy Headache Stick. I'm the manager of Meadowbook Pharmacy, and I appreciate the free advertising. The headache stick is made locally in Nelson County, and I carry practically the full line of Blue Ridge Gypsy and Skin Free products. The products are natural and organic and are good for children, adults, people with psoriasis, eczema, people undergoing chemo, etc. etc., etc.