Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden Pilgrimages :: Old City Cemetery

I'm not going to lie. A few people blanched when I mentioned I was going to take my three-year old to a cemetery for an afternoon. But you see, it was the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg.

Sure, there are museum buildings that house coffins and hearses and mourning wear. But, there is a children's garden section among an old pecan tree stand with the best swing I have ever swung on. And an alcove of shrubs that have a doorway pruned out - so you can hide among the foliage in a secret spot (second photo from the top). At this point in our visit, it was blisteringly hot - so we looked for shady paths, shelter under willow trees and ponds. There is so much to take in - cool relics dotting the landscape (like columns and millstones), the birdhouse to end all birdhouses, perennial beds, scatter gardens, wrought iron furniture and fencing. I know we will return.

The cemetery is famous for its collection of antique roses and sells divisions/starts. Unable to help myself, I bought a hardy climber named Jeanne LaJoie. I thought it would be nice to have a bit of Lynchburg in my garden - forever reminding me of a sweet adventure with my Willa.


donna rae said...

I've never visited this cemetery, but it seems to be a perfectly lovely place to see. The birdhouse is a wonder. So glad you shared this Garden Pilgrimage!

Becky said...

Cool. We will be down there this weekend and we might have to check it out.

And we've taken edie sledding in a graveyard. I lived across the street from one in college and have a fondness for does she now.

kacey said...

I will have to add this to my list as well. Cemeteries are some of the most elegantly landscaped places on earth; it always makes me smile to see that some lucky people are able to rest in a place so beautiful. When I lived in DC, this was my favorite place to wander on a sunny day: