Monday, June 20, 2011

Harvesting Right Now

Garlic and lavender! And a little bit of dill and Red Russian Kale (I keep harvesting from this one plant and it keeps producing. Amazing.)

The okra, collards, green beans and tomatoes are coming in nicely.

The swiss chard and the beets are un-remarkable, but I am still curious to see how they will turn out.

Little Sugar Baby watermelons are sprouting on their vines and we have two (TWO!) fig-lettes on our fig tree.

I also have two HUGE squash/pumpkin volunteer plants - one in the very neglected part of the vegetable garden and one next to the compost pile.
(Time to start appreciating the unexpected and looking away from the disappointments. We won't talk further on the pumpkin starts that I actually killed.)

We also won't talk about the English shelling peas that I harvested, handed over to Willa and she exuberantly tossed and scattered (never to be seen again) around the meadow, to the wind and . . . to the dogs. While my back was turned. Um, yeah.

1 comment:

Bonbon Oiseau said...

sounds like a feast--especially your two fig-lettes!! how can we get these to fruit much mas?

and there must be some fig garlic scrub we can try right? :)