Friday, November 18, 2011

Autumn Reverie

Two sweet videos/songs I have been loving this week.

I weeded last weekend! And planted the climbing antique rose and a few allium and grape hyacinth bulbs. There is garlic to plant this weekend and a vegetable garden to tidy up.

I also need to figure out a new location for the cold frame. The dogs discovered the original cold frame at the end of the growing season and I need to build something outside of their area. This could be a Christmas break project, as I usually like to sprinkle seeds down for lettuce, arugula and kale in late January.

Do you love permaculture? Check out this place in North Carolina. And he has a whole video about drying clothing on a clothes line and what hardware to use. Yes!

Thanksgiving break is coming up and that also means bulb-planting time. I always get a nice big bag of 50 daffodil bulbs and then some more ephemeral bulbs - like scillas and hyacinthoides.

I did an inventory of our plants and hope to post that soon. It is good to step back and see what we have, what did well, what croaked and {my favorite part} to see what I want to put on the wish list. The gardens are maturing enough that I can actually start dividing things to fill in spots. Which is AWESOME.

Other stuff:

I am running the Boar's Head Turkey Trot next week. I should probably focus less on my running playlist and more on training, but the music distracts from the sound of me sucking wind. So, it is important.

Recently read: Outliers, Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West, Lit: A Memoir, Love is a Mix Tape (re-read). And, waiting for me at the library - Okay for Now (which sounds SO good).

I hope to can some apple pie innards this weekend. And maybe, also, some cider. I found some brand new, wide-mouth jars at a thrift store this week that I hope will work nicely.

Gramma and Grampa are back in town. Yipee!

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