Monday, February 20, 2012

One Toddler + One Lamb = Cuteness Overload

Our very dear friend Kris invited us out to her house last week. We got to hang with the chickens, the regal gobbling turkeys, the goats and the sweetest donkey {top photo}. Oh, yes. And LAMBS. You haven't lived until you have bottle fed and held a lamb, people. Holy smokes. Seriously. Little woolly, sweet-smelling poofs. It was Willa's idea to scoop one up in her arms. I quickly followed her lead. The memory is now etched in my brain.

And, also {predictably}, that night, I had The Chicken Talk with Corey. I have been slowly socking away money here and there from freelance work for what we will need. I think I am ready. It is time.

Spring planning:

The Innisfree plant order form arrived in the mail! Tons of tomatoes, herbs and annuals to choose from. For us, I am thinking about globe amaranths, asclepias 'Silky Formula Mix' {for the butterfly garden}, fragrant Chinese forget-me-nots, edible nasturtiums, more woodland phlox, lupines, St. Johnswort and maybe some nettles.

And then there is the late-winter squirreling away of seed packets. Gramma and I visited a greenhouse during lunch last week and I bought four varieties of zinnias from Renee's Garden {'Granny's Bouquet', 'Cool Crayon Colors', 'Blue Point Bouquet' and 'Berry Basket'.} Later on the week, I secured some 'Green Envy' and 'Burpeena Giant' seeds. The vision of color I hold for our gardens is totally over the top.

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