Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Gardening

This is absolutely the first year where I feel as if patience and persistence have paid off in our front gardens. They were created in, I think, 2008. Adding things has been a slow process, but now - resoundingly rewarding.

{Also - it didn't hurt that I abandoned vegetable gardening this year to focus on flowers (quiet, heartfelt yipee kick!).}

I have also learned to move plants around, until they are set-up in a spot where they can thrive. That bee balm? {The pink fluttery flower in second photo from the top.} It was close to death last year under the walnut and now is as tall as me. {Not that I'm much in stature, but from my short perspective, it looks like a victory.}

And there is a rose. A yellow rose. The tag described the scent as mild anise. It just smells old-fashioned to me - and that has been what I was hoping for in our garden.

We also camped out in the garden over the weekend. We have this tent that I call the Taj Mah Tent - it is ridiculously huge. *But,* - it has an open, mesh ceiling. So we fell asleep, after a bonfire, to shooting stars and lightening bugs.


We've been doing a lot of swimming, reading (Flannery O'Connor, John Banville, Room, A Lesson Before Dying), working on the house, keeping up with routines. Willa and I have started the Little House series. I forgot about how much detail Laura Ingalls Wilder went into on topics such as hunting and making bullets. You can imagine the questions!

Love this new fabric from Alexander Henry. {I had to splurge and buy a yard.}

We've been trying to make the best of the season's vegetables. I made a ragout the other night with leeks, onions, peas and mushrooms over polenta that we enjoyed. Last night was a garlic scape pesto sandwich with tomatoes and mozzarella. I like cooking, sure. But I truly become giddy when we get to eat out and there is no clean-up or planning or nothing. Our favorite spot to go to these days is here.


Heiress Emma said...

Wow, that tent picture is in such drastic juxtaposition to my tent experience from last week (blogged here - I hate linking in comments and I apologise but it is hilarious - )

What I wouldn't give for a night under the stars in a garden like yours, Tracey!


SummerEllen said...

Just read the words "garlic scape pesto" and NEED to know what that is! Sounds so yummy....

Tracey said...

Emma! You are invited anytime. I loved your camping post.

SummerEllen - Here is the recipe I used. So good. SO good.

Country Flora said...

Tracey, did you use a single lens reflex for these images?

IMHO, there is a huge amount of patience required for floral gardening. I have seen many an enthusiast wilt under the harrowing length of time before results start showing. But once they do, they soothe all the troubled souls :)