Friday, October 19, 2012


Let me tell you what a real man does. He sees you fall in love with a vintage metal glider. He drives 20 miles back to where it was, buys it, hauls it home in his truck and carries it through the yard, up the back deck stairs and puts it in the just-right spot - looking out over the mountains. It is the perfect addition to our home and container garden.

{Also and unrelated, now that my energy is back to somewhat normal, we were able to go see Jack White a few weeks ago. Here's my video of the moment from him. And - Stereogum is doing this fun list-thing - rating songs/albums of different bands. My favorite lists are the '10 Best Songs' from one particular band. Here is the list for The Pixies.}


curious girl (lisa) said...

so much good stuff here. so so much.

i love your blue glider and your morning glories!

Tracey Crehan Gerlach said...

Thanks so much, Lisa~! Celebrating the small things while I get bigger and bigger.