Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Embracing Winter

As I slowly emerge from early baby-land/sleep deprivation, balancing work and mom life, housekeeping duties and wintertime illness(es), I realized one important thing. If I get out/outside every day, I feel better. More energy, more happiness, more balance. So do the kids. Sam is never as chirpy and smiley as he is in the hiking backpack - looking over my head at the mountains or the Moormans River.Willa always loves being a part of the world, in both an earth girl kinda of way and a social butterfly kind of way.

It was warmish this weekend and I gardened. Good lord, did it smell good out there. A bit of digging, weeding, mulching, moving around border stones. Might this be the year I have things tidy BEFORE spring? Could it be possible? Ha! The pursuit of order in the garden is always a bit out of reach for me, but I soldier on.


Becky said...

Such lovely photos. Order in the garden is so fleeting.

Joyce Isaacs said...

Beautiful pictures - that red coat is absolutely classic. It could be from 50 years ago. I find that getting out makes a HUGE difference to my mindset. In the middle of figuring out how to squirrel proof a bird feeder, and then we're going to tackle this as a family so we can use the birds as an excuse to get outside. :-D

Heiress Emma said...

On the other side of the coin over here, it's mid summer and I'm 8 months pregnant - and I also find that getting out, even for a little bit each day, improves my mood and makes my body feel better. It's very soothing to see your winter photos.

Tracey said...

Becky - You are so RIGHT about the fleeting thing. So much of life seems to always be hurtling toward chaos.

Joyce - I found that red coat for $1 at a thrift store {!}.

Emma - Ohhhhh, 8 months pregnant in the summer. Yes, getting outside is the STUFF. Hugs to you and your upcoming bebe!! (Eeeep!)