Friday, May 30, 2014

Late Spring, Welcome to the Jungle


Things have been BUSY in the garden and the hollow - work, play, party hosting, country road evening twirling. But it has been at a pace I am really cherishing. 

Plants have been moved around, some new ones have been added - including several varieties of spiderwort, boxwood, columbine and anemone. Maple and tulip poplar saplings are becoming small trees (coveted shade!). I am attempting the propagation of an old-fashioned mock orange (photo with cloches), while my elderberry propagation has been successful! The iris patch under the walnut took shape and smote down the dead zone that languished there for years. And I have (finally, finally) been making rustic trellises from downed branches (second photo from top) for our vintage roses.

I have been studying favorite gardens to learn how to 'finish' a garden - lining paths with rocks, edging with flagstones, carving out spaces to define where the garden begins and ends. I definitely still need to work on framing - with border plants and statuesque shrubbery, but I like things to look somewhat wild and rambling. I have been looking at Penelope Hobhouse books before falling asleep. She is up my alley.

For now, I think I am ready to sit back and let nature do its thing.

(Also, I have an article in the May/June issue of RHome on figs. Pick it up if you are in the area!)


Becky said...

So lovely! My roses have had a banner year - their best yet!

Tracey said...

Becky - You are a dear and faithful blog reader!