Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Winter, The Winter

Lately, I feel as if my own voice has been reduced to a squeak. My multiple life roles can be a challenge to balance and as an introvert, I can only recharge through down-time that requires no verbal feedback from me (or additional stimuli). Writing needs time and thought and after responding to everyone else all day, I got nothing. I am okay with this, as long as I can pass out face first into the pillow at the end of the day, without anyone's feelings getting hurt. But my writing does suffer, or simply . . . . doesn't exist at all.


The vast, quiet of winter landscapes is good for this type of regrouping, no doubt. No garden to tend to. No pull to rush outside and be doing something fabulous. I spend a chunk of my alone time just staring out at the mountains, allowing my brain to go . . . void. In a good way for me, in a probably frustrating way for my family.

But once I find my center, I can laugh at the toddler's sense of humor and keep up with his boundless energy full of running and roars!; and truly enjoy the seven-year old's passion for horses while watching her at her first riding lessons. Corey and I have gotten some date night time going to basketball games here at UVa - because they are crushing it this season and going to the stadium for a game is thrilling. And my girlfriends keep me going with evenings out to see bands like Foxygen or DJ Shadow or a Bowie coverband or just to have a cocktail or getting together for family dinners.

The garden is still sleeping and I marvel at how tidy it looks in the dead of winter. Waiting-waiting-waiting - life getting ready to push through the soil (c'mon spring bulbs!). I am taking an edible landscaping workshop tonight - should be perfect for inspiration. I would love to add blueberries to our garden this year.

There is, indeed, gratitude for a full life. From the top: A winter morning in Sugar Hollow. Making the most of indoor gardening: forced bulbs, terrariums and cut eucalyptus. Walking with the monkeys at Mint Springs. In February, the house be smellin' like hyacinths. And, the slower pace of vinyl - listening to Townes Van Zandt.

Other things that I have been loving lately: my new, more consistent yoga practice and daily walks; golden milk; the band Warpaint; finally getting to read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and the podcasts WTF with Marc Maron and By The Way with Jeff Garlin.


Becky said...

Blueberries are a breeze - you just need to give them time to get established. And then make sure either plant enough for you and the critters or net them.
Seven - when did that happen? Wasn't she just two?

Tracey said...

Seven, for real 'yo. I am so flummoxed by the pace of her growing up.

Can't wait to hear more about your biscuits and that post with the Alley Light cocktail had me drooling. GArrrrrrrrr.