Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DIY - Terrarium

With January and February leaving a BIG hole in my greenhouse-haunting life - I have turned to these little gems for getting me through the gray days. Just lift the top and get a satisfying hint of dew, soil, life!

What's even better, they don't need to cost a pretty penny.

What You'll Be A-Needin':

  • Glass container (I've used Salvation Army finds - vases, little fishbowls, I've heard of people using cookie jars, mason jars, just as long as it is clear glass)
  • Cover for container (I just placed pretty plates on top - you may need something more secure . . . .)
  • Gravel/stones/something to provide a little drainage
  • Soil
  • Activated charcoal (available at aquarium/pet stores - helps suppress smells)
  • Plants
  • Interest pieces (rocks, pine cones, funky little figurines)
Layer in the following way from the bottom to the top - gravel/stones, activated charcoal, soil, plants. Sprinkle with a little water, cover and you are done! You may need to water every month or so. And just make sure to give the plants you have chosen for your terrarium the light that they require.

My terrariums have moss, a small fern and baby's tears in them. The baby's tears do well, but are invasive. I just keep giving them haircuts . . . I have found this site to be inspiring and it has helped me get a better sense of plants to try out. I have not ordered anything from them - but the plant names accompanied by photos are a good resource for learning what is what.


I was recently watching a show in which John Lennon and Yoko Ono were being interviewed in their New York City apartment kitchen. In the background, on a large windowsill, was an incredible terrarium. A very modern-looking HUGE rounded-bottom vase with a narrow neck. It looked like there were small trees (!) in it, along with ferns and the like. It was stunning and made my heart ache - for the funds and the where-with-all to have something like that in my little house.

In the meantime, I drool over these (also available at glasshouseworks.com under *Wardian Cases*).


Bridge said...

LOVE IT !!!!
This is great. I am looking to do some of these with my girls this weekend. We were thrift storing today and picked up some rocks, some small fish bowls! Yay!

YING TONG said...

i'm doing terrariums for my science class...but i have limited resources so can you leave tips on how to transplant? thanks, yourr blog was really informative.

Julia Catherine said...

Love these things. im going to try and make my own this weekend, thanks for the tips!

Brandy said...

I absolutely love these moss terrariums! I am going out tonight to gather the necessary elements, so I can put a large bright green element in the middle of my very black and white living room. Thanks much!


Lavinia said...

I just fell for terrariums!!! thanks for posting your tips! I want to start one soon.

billylid said...

Your terrariums look wonderful! Thank you for sharing how to make one yourself. I really look forward to trying this out. I have made this a feature with all links back to your site. Hope you dont mind

gardening said...

Great post! Such a simple and inexpensive idea to. Love the blog, keep up the great work.