Sunday, April 1, 2007

DIY - Galvanized Tin Containers

I had mentioned in passing, in my Recycling in the Container Garden post, about using galvanized tin buckets for containers. Last year, not sure how to create drainage holes, I just filled the bottom of each bucket with gravel and then soil. Not the best option for outdoor containers. Any deluge would result in my flowers drowning . . .

Creating drainage holes in these buckets doesn't need to be a huge production - as I learned last weekend. AND, it doesn't need to involve any major power tools. Even better!

I ended up just taking a common nail and a hammer to the bottoms of each bucket. Took no time at all and very little on the elbow grease end-of-things.

You'll just want to make sure to use these containers in shade or part shade. Full-sun will heat up the metal and bake your precious plants.

These buckets were $3 finds at our local Dollar General. A little Martha Stewart-ish - they look terrific with blues, purples, greys and pale pinks in the container garden. Fabulous on the eyes; easy on the wallet.

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Wear Your Wild said...

I have sap buckets that I bought new several years ago. I love galvanized buckets for planting.
I usually put a plastic pot inside them for liners. Don't ask me why, there's no reason. :)