Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Books: The Southern Gardener's Book of Lists

Both newbie and seasoned gardeners of the south alike will glean valuable information from this book.

The subtitle promises the best plants for any gardener's "needs, wants and whims." Whims? How can you not love a gardening book that understands that *most* green thumbs live and breathe on just that. Whims.

My favorite sections?

Trees To Try in Containers *or* Small Trees for Small Lots, Patios and Under Utility Lines
Trees That Will Outlive Your Great-Great Grandchildren
Substitutes for Bradford Pear
Perennials That Will Bloom Six Weeks or Longer
Some Perennials for Heavy Clay Soil
Perennials for Cracks and Crevices (i.e. stone walls or pathways)
Annuals for Beginners
Super Easy Flowers from a Packet Of Seeds
Old-Fashioned Shrubs
Native Azaleas in Order of Bloom
Roses Most Often Found in Old Southern Gardens

Also remember that this is particularly great time of year to plant trees and shrubs. Through the end of November. Amazing, since most nurseries are having very tempting sales right now, as well.

This tip can remain between the lot of us.

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