Friday, January 25, 2008

Easy Peasy Spring Vegetable Crops

Seed sellers Southern Exposure Seed Exchange already have their seed packets sprouting up around town. I have seen them at both Rebecca's Natural Foods and Integral Yoga.

You can also order the catalog here.

What's so spectacular about SESE?

1. They are local - so you are buying seeds that do well in our area. This cuts back severely on the first-time gardener frustration factor.

2. They sell organic heirlooms. Enough said.

3. Their catalog ROCKS. At the front, is a sowing/transplanting guide that is nothing short of a thing of beauty. Clear information on best sowing dates and times specific to our area. No math skills needed; no counting backwards necessary. Seasoned and newbie gardeners will find it helpful. Get the catalog or view last year's catalog in .pdf format on their website (the planting chart is on page 3).

If you are thinking about trying out vegetable gardening for the first time, early spring is an ideal season to start. The crops are easy to sow and harvest and are so thoroughly appreciated after a long winter. The seed varieties I recommend from SESE that have yet to let me down:

Long Standing Bloomsdale Spinach
Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce
Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
Cherry Belle Radishes
Sugar Snap Peas

These can all be sown directly into your garden. No indoor seed starting and no transplanting. Mixed all together, they make one of the best salads around. A spring tonic of sorts. Go. For. It.

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