Thursday, January 10, 2008

LISH - Associated Press Article!

You read that right, my friends. I have kept mum about this latest bit of excitement in my life . . . but over the holiday break, I was contacted by an Associated Press reporter regarding garden coaching and mentoring.

Dean Fosdick, a seasoned writer on nature and gardening, took great care in putting together this terrific piece. The article is starting to crop up here and there and over here. He even mentions the Life in Sugar Hollow blog as another outlet for learning opportunities and garden tutoring.

Dean also interviewed the garden coach's coach - Susan Harris. Visit her blog for a worldwide directory of garden coaches, as well as wonderful articles and resources for newbie/aspiring garden coaches.

And (shameless plug), visit here for more details on what I offer as a garden coach in the Charlottesville area.


Unknown said...

Your professionalism is kinda impressive.

Horticulturist's are like creative scientists. Smart people who make beautiful things. Yep. That's you!

Anonymous said...

OK I saw this in our Charleston SC paper this weekend and it gave me pause. I am a licensed Social Worker and gardener looking for a new direction. Hmmmmm. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations! That's Great!

Tracey said...

Thanks ladies!! Really!