Saturday, February 2, 2008

Getting All Your Ducks, Er, Seeds In A Row

A few handy-dandy sites that will help you navigate the dizzying seed starting process.

Frost Chart - from the Farmer's Almanac. You'll need these dates to calculate when to start your seeds.

A brilliant seed starting chart from You Grow Girl. Just plug in your last frost date information and away you go!

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange's seed starting chart - as part of their catalog - page 3. Specific to the Mid-Atlantic states. Yep - that's (some of) us.


The Diva said...

Great information. I love the seed sowing chart. Thanks. This is why I love blogging and the internet!~~Dee

Anonymous said...

That's all very well if you KNOW your last frost date. Ours is a moveable feast, varying by as much as 6 weeks. My solution is to plant seeds early and replant if they don't make it.

Tree hugging said...

I consistently have terrible success with seeds. Maybe it is just that I don't have enough light or something or that I'm using the wrong seed starting mix, I'm not sure.

Any tips? Speaking of which, I've got some Indian Paintbrush seeds that I've collected and some protocals on growing them. If you'd like to try some them I'd be glad to split them with you.

Tracey said...

You are most welcome, Dee!

Karen - Yikes. I think our climate is going that way, as well. I will remember you as I replant future crops.

Lonnie - My tips:

1. Start with fail-safe crops. I don't go for anything fussy.
2. I created grow lights with fluorescent bulbs/shop lights and started them close to the seed-starting flats - moving the light up as the seeds get going.
3. A fan on low - swirling around the seedlings - helps them become strong seedlings and prevents damping off.
4. Treat yourself to good seed starting mix - I use Johnny's Selected Seeds starting mix. And try one of their seed starting kits - complete with mini greenhouse tops.
5. Always water from underneath.
6. Have fun!

Tracey said...

7. I forgot. Some sort of heating pad (usually sold at Johnny's or Lee Valley) is *very* important, as well.