Friday, April 11, 2008

Snippets of New Momma Gardening Endeavors

My new life hit me literally overnight. I went from being a pod and a vessel to a food source. A master laundress. A mama.

So, my gardening these days comes by piece meal. Which, I thought would frustrate me. Instead, the slower pace has been an eye-opener. Splicing up my gardening time and projects into little moments that I find intriguing - with the time to look at more of the details. Close up. Before they disappear and I am called away from them.

My commitment to growing easy cutting flowers has not faultered. My inability to say no and limit seed purchasing has no end, however. As of today, I have seven varieties of zinnia seed packets. More probably to follow. I'm planting - Apricot Blush, All Summer Cutting Mix, Giant Flowered Mix, Exquisite, State Fair Mixed Colors, Fruit Smoothie and Granny's Bouquet.

Flower and fern pressings from this past fall. Watching one too many Victorian-set BBC programs has me framing my ferns! An obsession with tea and crumpets to follow.

Bulbs in containers. It was my first year trying this and I am thrilled to pieces ('Thrilled to pieces?!' When did I start saying things like that?! Egads. Must be another side effect of the BBC addiction.) My absolute favorite tulip color totally does my blue pottery justice. I keep peeking out our back door to gaze and gander at them.


Unknown said...

ummm, I think I need to find some fern imagery...
I, honestly, am surprised you have been able to keep with posting, you have amazing energy.
As always it is a pleasure to read of your endeavors.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I love ferns -- what a beautiful idea! And I'm pleased to see your tulips in containers as I've always wondered how they would fare on my balcony!

Anonymous said...

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