Monday, June 9, 2008

The Heat Got Your Garden Down? Plant a Succulent.

I was lucky enough to be asked by a friend to help brainstorm gift planter ideas for a dinner party her school group was throwing. We needed something that would be low maintenance - as we did not want to give the party-goers a frustrating gardening albatross. Succulents saved the day.

Succulents retain water, in the same way a cactus does. So you don't need to throw much H-two-O their way. If you can, purchase cactus potting soil. It is a good investment and gives them the drainage that they need to thrive. They need lots of sun.

We opted to spring for extra-beautiful terracotta pots from Guy Wolff and they complimented the colors of the different succulents just the way we had hoped . . .

These are from a local nursery, The Garden Spot. Their sweet staff was so helpful and their succulent offerings were inspiring. My friend treated me to one of the chartreuse varieties - Spring Beauty - as a thank you. A good plant for a new mom. It will be ignored. And under those hapless of gardening circumstances, it will thrive.

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