Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Visit a Virginia Garden Challenge

Inspired by The Commonwealth Quest, in which you are challenged to visit all 39 cities and 95 counties in the state of Virginia - I have developed a twist and a quest of my own.

The Visit a Virginia Garden Challenge. A tad easier than The Big Quest - I encourage all of my friends living in the Piedmont to sally forth and find yourself a garden. In any season. In fact, some estate gardens are especially enchanting in the middle of winter. And it is a great excuse to be outside . . . Greenhouses at botanical gardens are also a welcome break from winter doldrums and quickly take care of early spring cravings for the green stuff.

Pick five that you would like to see. And list the gardens you have already visited.

Here is the list of the gardens.


Been there . . .

Ash-Lawn Highland (Charlottesville)
Montpelier (Montpelier Station)
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (Richmond)
Maymont (Richmond)
Mount Vernon (Alexandria)

My wish list . . .

Agecroft Hall (Richmond)
Virginia House (Richmond)
Monticello (Charlottesville) - (Annnnnnd, an audible gasp from LISH readers.)
The Anne Spencer House and Garden (Lynchburg)
Kenmore Plantation and Gardens (Fredericksburg) - (I've never seen a plantation.)
Berkeley Plantation (Charles City) - (I still want to see a plantation.)

Let me know your list. And tell me if the main list is missing a favorite of yours.

And, if you don't live in Virginia - maybe you can start a state-wide challenge of your own? Please, please let me know if you do (or if you would just like to list the gardens in your state as a blog post?) because I would love to know the top beloved gardens around the states.

Editor's note: Thanks to babycatmama for the update on Kenmore. Duly noted - so I have amended and updated my list.


Anonymous said...

Tracy, this is a neat idea. While we don't live in VA, we did pass through this summer and enjoyed a visit to Monticello (see my post for a few pics near the bottom of the page). When you've compiled your list, you'll have a grand tour to offer visitors, with links to a lot of posts about Virginia gardens.

Victoria Summerley said...

Goodness, as a Brit, I thought I wouldn't be able to compete. Then I found I'd seen quite a few while on a whistlestop tour of Virginia three years ago. Here's my list of where I've been:
Ash Lawn-Highland
Lewis Ginter
Norfolk Botanical
Colonial Williamsburg
Mount Vernon
Of these, Mount Vernon and Monticello stick in my mind as the most memorable and beautiful.
What would I like to see? I'd like to come back to Virginia and see them all!

Anonymous said...

Kenmore's no longer a plantation, as it's been swallowed by the city of Fredericksburg. Just a nice house (they used to give a discount or free pass to Mary Washington COLLEGE students, which is how I know about it) and small grounds. Some of the houses nearby are worth a look, too, if only for the architecture.

Cosmo said...

Hi--Great to find another Virginia gardener. I'm in the Tidewater, but I look forward to exploring Sugar Hollow.

Where I've been:

All over Colonial Willliamsburg (even ended up in a few backyards I shouldn't have . . .)
Ash Lawn-Highland
Norfolk Botanical

This is a lame response to your wish list, but I want to see them all--even the ones I've already visited, with the fresh eyes of a recent convert to gardening blogs.

A great challenge--

Tracey said...

Yahooey. Awesome to hear from each of you. And, a guest from overseas who hit more gardens than me during a *visit*. Yowsa!!

Tracey said...

Also, Adrienne of Some of a Kind clued me into the beauty of The Old Cemetery in Lynchburg! Thanks, girl!

Dana Koogler said...

Thanks for sharing a fabulous idea!
So hard to pick just one favorite.
I wonder if Poplar Forest, Jefferson's Summer home has done anything with their garden situation in the last 7 years? When we were there last it was beautiful and so worth the trip, but the garden situation was pretty bleak. They were doing an architectural restoration and an archeology dig. My guess is that they'd have to complete that before they get into much working on the gardens.
Wonderful blog you have created!

Jan said...

Hi Tracy, if you happen to come back to blogging, stop by for a visit. I'm in Prince Wm County.