Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Garden Dreaming


So much anticipation! The cold frame is sprouting, the daffodils are up, the peepers are chirupping in the evenings and I bought my first pot of blue pansies yesterday.

Yet, I am bizarrely tired these days - so this anticipation is severely tempered. Grrrr. My last bit of energy at the end of the day is worn down to a nubbin by life and parenting. I hope this is only temporary, because I've got stuff to do.

Other things:

In a kick to lose 'those last five pounds' (ha!), I have been swapping out local meats (expensive) with things like lentil burgers, lentil meatballs, tempeh Philly cheese steaks and perfecting my rice and beans (super-cheap). I thought the first three things would taste scarey and creepy - in that old school vegetarian way. But, NO. So good. SO good! We saved some money this month and I lost a pound. Progress!

I just started writing the Home and Garden column for Charlottesville Family. I hope you will check it out beginning with the April 2012 issue.

Watch Laura Marling at her finest.

Our four-year old loves activity. It is quite the challenge when you are an introvert who would rather be gardening, reading, curled up at home, listening to vinyl or knitting. BUT I did rediscover ice skating with her and I went sledding for the first time in 30 years. She even goes running with me for short spells. {"Mommy, this is so much fun! I love running with you!"} How can you beat that reaction?

I can see her introvert ways occasionally. When we go to the park, she likes to ride her tricycle around the play structures, ring her bell and look at the people. No straight-up interacting. Just observing. My child!

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Mama Gone Green said...

Yuur garden dreaming looks fantastic. And, its amazing how much energy those 4 year olds can have, isn't it?