Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The (Can't Live Without) Potting Scoop

I got The Potting Scoop as a gift a few years back and can't quite remember how I gardened before it entered my life.

Something about its shape, pointed tip and serrated edges makes it work for almost every gardening task. Seed starting mix goes effortlessly into small cells without spillage. Potting up plants in containers is a cinch. And digging down into compacted soil in my raised beds is made a zillion times more pleasant with the Potting Scoop's serrated edges. I have also heard that you can use its sharp edges to open up bags of potting soil and cut through roots - in a pinch.

I think I do need to paint the handle a bright red. I have inadvertantly buried it one too many times - only to clammily panic a few minutes later, muttering in frustration at my air-headed-ness. Or maybe I simply need to buy a few more . . .

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