Thursday, April 19, 2007

Green: The New . . . Ah, Uh . . . Blue

The past few years, I have obsessively collected thrift store containers for my garden in all shades of blue. Then, a blue bird bath. Then, mosaic work with blue. There is a blue garden bench in the works, too . . .

But I am moving on. Which I think is healthy. A little balance. Except now I'm all about green.

I found the two green planters (top center and right) while thrift/antique store hunting this past weekend. The multi-pot piece is from last year's Ten Thousand Villages collection.

Here are a few more green planters from Ten Thousand Villages. And look-it - a green birdbath! Gulp. I'm a goner.


Steph said...


I'll happily accept all donations of blue stuff!

I love Ten Thousand Villages. Does your have a restaurant?

I am a snapdragon too!

Katie said...

I love blue AND green garden decor. Take lots of pictures for our garden group to look at.
Happy Earth Day~~~~~

Tracey said...

A restaurant?! No! Wish it did . . .
I will definitely take photos - sitting at my desk job today is absolute torture. Torture, I tell you. Can't wait to be SET free to garden!