Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Native Plant Spotlight: Mayapple

I am always intrigued when a plant comes up on my radar, after years of missing it.

That is the case with the Mayapple.

Have I simply hiked past it for years and years? Hmm. Funny, now it is all I see these days. These photos were taken during a walk in Sugar Hollow earlier this week.

Latin: Podophyllum peltatum
Other Common names: Devil's apple, hog apple, Indian apple, umbrella plant, wild lemon, and American mandrake
Annual or perennial: Perennial
Description: Pairs of 6" - 12" rounded leaves with a single white, waxy, fragrant flower, followed by a small yellowish-green fruit. With the exception of the berry, the plant is poisonous!
Growing Conditions: Full sun to shade. Evenly moist, humus rich, slightly acid soil.
Growth Habit: Groundcover; 1 - 1-1/2' high and spreads 1 - 2'
Bloom Time: Spring
Zones: 3 to 8


Steph said...

The woods behind my childhood home (wow "childhood home" makes me sound about 87 years old!) were full of Mayapples. Love them.

Tracey said...

Hee! I *just* (finally) started calling my childhood home, my childhood home. It sounds quaint!