Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Peony Memories

I cringe, just cringe when I think about my mom trying to grow a peony next to our driveway basketball court at my childhood home. The battering that plant took - ugh - basketballs, falling players, stomping vintage Nike sneakers attached to the feet of gangle-y, all-legs teenagers. I would ding-battingly refer to it as The Gardenia. Charming all around.

Over the years, I have struggled (and subsequently had a similar experience), as subcontractors and carpenters summarily and consistently destroyed seedlings and plants by way of their big workboots and the dropping of heavy equipment and materials. Like little deaths in my gardening heart.

Karma's a bitch.

Someday our land will be refined enough that I may plant my own peony - or two (the photo above was actually taken during a lunchtime walk - not from my garden). I have heard alluring things about this local Charlottesville nursery specializing in peonies - Peony Meadows. Maybe they ship plants. Lord knows, my mom is overdue for a replacement.


Steph said...

I love peonies. We have 3 and I never get around to staking them in time.

Katie said...

Peony? What's that? I have some, but it seems that I'm always moving them- thus they don't bloom. My MIL has them too, so I get to enjoy hers.
Perhaps one day, I'll have them too.

Mom said...

Take heart..that peony still tries to come up every year ..some years it actually gets to bloom..if the garbage can isn't on top of it.

Pam said...

How fun to have happened upon this site (via Anna Maria and Pam/Digging). I grew up in Charlottesville (my family all still lives there) - so much of this is familiar! I live in the south now, and I still miss when peonies are in bloom.