Friday, May 25, 2007

Spring 2007 - The Highs! The Lows.

Unexpected victories: Did I mention the rhubarb?! I'm already daydreaming about sauces, crisps and am curious about this recipe for rhubarb margaritas - Rhubarbaritas - from The Splendid Table.

Sweet success: Staggering plantings of several lettuce varieties, spinach, arugula and radishes. We have just the right amount of each for a salad every-other-night. Oh - I am also thankful for our very functional pea trellis. It is doing wonders and the peas are clamoring for the best spots and climbing their way up. And the potatoes in straw are thriving - the straw seems to have helped curb the voracious appetite of the menacing flea beetle, as well.
Moments of sadness: Sweet peas elude me this spring (shaking fist at sky)! It confounds me that I had an easier time of it when I planted them in raised beds - in the glaring hot Virginia sun vs. coddling them in containers - mimicking what I thought would be the optimum conditions. Their showing this season is paltry - at best. Egads! And, sniff. No photo. Too depressing.

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