Friday, May 11, 2007

Savor the Day

A day off from work. To putter in the garden and have an adventure. Truly, truly thankful.

Sounds: Morning Doves, Cardinals, Bluebirds, Mockingbirds, a dozing, muttering beagle, podcasts of The Splendid Table and This American Life

Sights: (Still!) Sprouting kale, lettuce, potatoes, radishes, snap peas, scallions, spinach; healthy looking rhubarb; a growing container garden

Smells: Blackberry blossoms, damp soil, dewy grass, marmalade on wheat toast

Looks like it will be a sultry day in the Hollow. I'm off to a quick meeting for some freelance work and then, Milmont Greenhouses - a.k.a. Blue Ridge gardener's mecca. This evening will be all about weeding, transplanting and introducing my new plant and herb finds to the Hollow. Life is good.


Dawn said...

How nice to read the sights, sounds and smells of your day. Love your photos as well. What a lovely blog!


Katie said...

Life is Good!

Susan said...

A trip to a gardener's mecca sounds like a lovely way to spend the day. We're having a few last cool gasps of spring here and then on to sweltering summer.

— Susan from South of the River

Quality Tale said...

good site on the gardening...toooo much to learn from this...

Tracey said...

Katie - It IS!!

Welcome Dawn, Susan and quality tale - I'm lovin' seeing what you all are up in other parts of the world.