Sunday, May 13, 2007

Heaven. On. Earth.

Three highlights from the weekend.

First local strawberries of the season. Promptly devoured with a generous helping of cream and sugar. Calories, schmalories. You only live once.A content, stinky beagle with buttercups.First purchase from the Crozet Farmers' Market. BEST pickles I have ever had. I woke up this morning thinking about them.

I'm out to the garden to transplant tomatoes and peppers; sow zucchini seeds; start my morning glories and moonflowers; and pot up my herbs from Friday's shopping trip (more on that later . . . ).

P.S. Do large quantities of pickles count as a 'vegetable serving'?


Xiane said...

I love pickles. Oh man.
I actually have a jar of homemade pickles from *my* local farmer's market in my fridge right now... suspiciously depleted. :D
I wish I had the room and the amount of sun needed to try growing cukes on my balcony. I want to try my hand at making pickles myself!

Tracey said...

Xiane - "Suspiciously depleted" - well said! I'm already thinking I need to get back to the market first thing next Saturday to stock up on more. Uh. Oh.