Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Garden Blog Lust: Empress of Dirt

She's crafty. She's thrifty. She's the Empress of Dirt. With her garden budget of $100 per year, she makes the magic happen.

Artful, unique pieces introduced to the garden take on a new life. Mirrors, old shutters, ladders, wood stoves, trivets, mosaics. She already has me rethinking my approach to thrift shops.

But I wish I had her vision. With such a cool sense of the possibilities in the mundane or the tossed aside-s. I'm hoping it is something I can learn. With a watchful eye on the Empress of Dirt's next move. Through keen admiration. And, maybe, through simple . . . osmosis.


Anonymous said...
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~~ Melissa said...

Thanks! I think you are an Empress yourself. :-)

Tracey said...

My stars! Thanks Melissa!