Thursday, July 26, 2007

Recipe: Bruschetta Pizzas

Basil and cherry Sungold tomatoes from the garden:

Much to my delight, became these - Bruschetta pizzas:

I could eat these every night for the next three weeks. Actually, I could have them for breakfast and lunch, as well. The best part? Very little prep and cooking times.

1 loaf Semolina Italian bread
Olive Oil
Red onions
Tomatoes of your choice
Mozzarella cheese

Cut the bread in half, length-wise and then into pizza serving sizes of your choice. Drizzle the top of the bread with olive oil and rub with a clove of garlic. Set aside.

Cut up equal parts tomatoes, red onion, basil - place in a bowl. Add several splashes of olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Toss.

Cut thin slices of mozzarella cheese and lay them over the bread. Toast in toaster oven. When toasty and all melted, spoon a generous serving of the tomato mixture on top.

Serve. Devour. Repeat.


Jennifer said...

I tried the blackberry sauce per your recipe- thank you it was delicious (we had it with ladyfingers and ice cream but next time peaches).
The pizzas will be the next thing we try. Keep the abundance coming, I really appreciate the peek into your life.

Tracey said...

Hi Jennifer,

Your use of the blackberry sauce sounds incredible . . . I'm *so* glad you left this comment. And thank you so much for the encouragement . . . thoughts from readers really do keep me going!

Brin said...

Wow! Yum, yum, yum!

Hi Tracey, I'm Brin. I found you through DelightfulBlogs, and am so glad I did! What a delight you are!

Thanks for the recipe. I look forward to stopping back in for many more.

My best,

Matron said...

You just reminded me how good sungold tomatoes are. I have tried some new varieties over the past couple of years, but your picture has just whetted my appetite! It's Sungold for me next year.

Tracey said...

Hi Brin - Welcome!!! You are too sweet. I'm so glad you found me.

Matron - Yes . . . the Sungolds never disappoint. I have even had tomato-nay-sayers fall back in love with tomatoes once they have tried the Sungolds.