Sunday, September 2, 2007

Long Weekend Bliss

Books - Five Sisters: The Langhornes of Virginia and Miss Read
Knitting like a fiend
Making plans for fall plantings
House of Elliott on DVD
Short hikes in Sugar Hollow
Dreaming up my wish list for trip to NY (food, garden visits, long walks, more naps)
Quality time with the doggies . . .
Baking Barefoot Contessa linzer tarts with local preserves
Sweet September weather
Savoring the container garden as it finds its second wind . . .
Iced lemon balm tea
Hummingbird sightings


Steph said...

I can make tea from my lemon balm?!

Sounds like a perfect weekend.

Tracey said...

Steph - absolutely! Lemon balm is really yummy as an iced tea. Just cut a nice handful of sprigs per quart of water. Pour boiling water over the lemon balm leaves - let steep for an hour. Remove leaves and add some honey. Very close to lemonade! said...

This is wonderful, so perfectly described, I wanted it for myself.
All of it!