Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some Spring Gardens Start in the Fall

With bulbs!

The Rembrandt Tulip Mix. A favorite of mine from last season.

Alliums. Just coming up on my radar. A blue variety, of course, makes the grade.

And . . . grape hyacinths. They seamlessly cut through a grey March day.

It's a little early to plant these bulbs. I have waited as late as November. But it is never too early to envision, drool and plan. I order my bulbs from Johnny's Selected Seeds - these varieties (and photos) are from their catalog.


Steph said...

Love alliums.
I don't have any, but I love them.

missficklemedia.com said...

I wish I had a stamp for alliums.

Tracey said...

Yes, alliums! I didn't know they "grew in blue." Might spring for a set of bulbs and see what happens . . .