Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wanna See the Mayhem? The Madness?

After poking my head out of our air conditioned cave, I finally took a long gander at the vegetable garden. Eeeek. Double-click on the photos for close-ups of the chaos.

I salivate at the thought of cooler weather - to get the garden back to its earlier, somewhat tidy state. Two beds are in dire need of compost and general resuscitating. The tomato patch will need fencing.

I love seeing everyone's garden victories - but also find great comfort in seeing the mayhem. The messy. The overgrown. Group therapy of sorts. If you have the gumption - post links to pictures of what got away from you in the garden. We'll all feel better. I promise.

I did have one pleasant surprise. Among the brambles - a healthy melon volunteer plant of sorts! And all I had to do was ignore this bed for a month. Hmmmm. That is what has me hooked. With all the variables and experiments in the garden - the unexpected. Oh, yes. And without lifting a finger.


carrol said...

Your garden looks wonderful to me ..lush and and melons!! Were you able to water at all?

Jennifer said...

When I look at the photos, I see only beauty.

Tracey said...

You both are too kind. I have to say, you immediately gave me a new appreciation for my garden. To embrace the lushness!

(Carrol - I haven't watered in about two months - we had a week of rain a little while back. HUGE help.)

Also - I discovered volunteer cucumbers growing under the brush last night. The garden giveth and giveth!

Steph said...

I agree - gorgeous. Plus I am a little distracted by the view.