Wednesday, October 24, 2007

File Under: Additional Irrational Visions

Dear Granter of Pie-in-the-Sky Hopes and Dreams,

I know that I am probably maxed out these days, especially after you sent worker bee fairies in the forms of my in-laws. Our house (gasp!) is finally being finished. My daydreaming, unfortunately, has no end.

But actually, this tree house wish is for Corey. I mean, for our future children. The neighborhood kids? I mean. Well. Crap.

As always, thank you for considering.


P.S. I'll just take a copy of the book, if the actual house is a little over the top.

P.P.S. I promise to put an end to these types of wishes by the time I'm 40. 45? 50. I stand at 50.

I look at this photo not only for the living space potential, but for how it would fit into a landscape and garden. With other trees. With vines winding around the stairways. Engulfed by its surroundings, eventually becoming one with nature. Like a hobbit house. The ultimate children's garden cottage. Fifteen feet off of the ground. Out of reach of the grown-ups. I mean the imaginary woodland beasts. I mean . . .


That Girl . . . said...

I love that book! I've thumbed through the pages so many times and covet a tree house. Perhaps one day . . .

Tracey said...

Daydreaming is so important - even as an adult!