Monday, October 22, 2007

In Search Of: Garden Sugar Daddy

Yesterday morning, around the New York Times and coffee.

Me: "Hey, Corey, you think you could make something like this happen?" (I point to one of the above photos in the NYT Style Magazine.)
Corey: "Sure, we'll just need to sell the house first."
Me: "And the problem being?" (Then, thinking - "Well, at least I have my priorities straight . . . ")

Conservatories, orangeries and sunrooms. What gardener wouldn't want to while away the hours in a sunny spot - mid-winter - surrounded by lemon trees, gardenias and the like?

Now accepting applications. No questions asked.


That Girl . . . said...

So incredibly beautiful! I want one too!

Tracey said...

That Girl . . . Yes, indeed! They are just bigger versions of those Wardian Cases we love. *Sigh.*

Steph said...

They are beautiful. Could I grow my own avocados in there? If so, sign me up!

Tracey said...

Steph, I think you could grow anything in there - 'cause you would have a 'staff' to help out! Right?!

Lonnie said...

Hah, yeah I was just mentioning to my wife recently that part of me envies those estate gardeners since they get to work on projects on scales that I can barely imagine. I'd love to have someone else's money to play with even if I didn't get to keep the garden!

For example, I visited a blacksmith in Charlottesville recently to see about fixing a big iron cauldron, and they had the most fantastic staircase in the shop that they were making. It looked just like a tree which the stair spiraled around, and the railings looked like some kind of flowing grass or kelp type plant. It was breathtaking, and on its' way to the greenhouse of an estate in Winchester somewhere. Mere mortals like myself can't even dream of such things.