Friday, October 5, 2007

The Sugar Hollow Gardens in October

Feeling slightly pummeled after a wicked-bad cold. Thankful for the way that Corey designed our house. Tons of windows. So, even as I lay sick on the couch - I can see our mountains. And, the different colors through-out the day - as the sun moves across the sky. Along with Elderberry Cough Syrup and Eucalyptus Cough and Sinus Rub from a local herbalist, I finally feel on the mend this evening.

I had been watching our raised bed garden from afar all week. Amazed at the amount of color from the cosmos and zinnias I had planted back in June. Still vibrant in October. Maybe I need to remember, while feeling defeated in the dead heat of the summer, that we are lucky enough to have two gardening seasons in the Hollow. Spring and fall.


Patience_Crabstick said...

You have such beautiful views from your place. said...

I'm sorry to be so ignorant, but what is that first photo of?
It is a brilliant color of pink!

I really enjoy all your photos, all the photos I have taken of flowers show trailer parks in the background.

Yours are perfectly centered and have the most amazing contrast in the background.

Tracey said...


We are very, very lucky. Having those mountains in sight most of the time does wonders for my soul.

Miss Fickle,

It is a cosmos - they come in all shades of pink. They would make really cool stamps!!!

I love that you enjoy my photos - it means a lot to me, coming from someone with such an eye for color!