Monday, November 19, 2007

Big-Bellied Gardening - Tip #1

So, I have mentioned my penchant for amassing and collecting fall-planted spring bulbs. Ad nauseaum. I keep focusing on how magical it will be to have flowers sprouting hither and yon during the baby's first few months in Sugar Hollow.

Plan implementation, however, got away from me. If you were to graph the increasing size of my belly with the frantic purchasing of bulbs - there would be a direct correlation. A graph with two lines - swinging, side-by-side, up and up and up!

Then, I came across this no-nonsense post from the ladies over at Garden Rant. On quick and easy bulb planting. Saved! Instead of hunched over with a bulb planter, I worked with a spade - while standing - just 'sticking it in the ground and wiggling it back and forth'. Throwing the bulbs in the 'resulting hole.' And, I really took the advice to heart regarding planting in masses. 'Tis true that those delicate blue flowers I adore will be lost if I just planted a bulb here and a bulb there.

Before I knew it, I had planted about 60 bulbs. I'll tackle the remaining 60 or so this holiday weekend. Sha-zaaaam!


Alka Srivastava said...

I can see where you are coming from minus the growing belly. Congratulations for the expected one and kudos for accomplishing, in your state, something that I had been putting off for ages. I got my bulbs in after delaying it to the point after which I knew, if I didn't act, I will have wasted all that money!

Tracey said...

Hi Alka,

Thanks so much for the congrats and good luck with your bulb planting. I know the wasted money factor usually lights a fire under my butt!