Thursday, November 15, 2007

Slanted and Enchanted

Today's Work To Do List . . .

1. Reconcile our financial accounts for October.
2. Complete cost transfers to two departments (you don't want to know).
3. Edit and summarize 60 (more) pages of text comments from a recent survey.
4. Deal with an ongoing sewer smell that plagues our office (again, you don't want to know).
5. "........"

Oh. Good God. I, I, I actually put myself to sleep for a moment there.

What Is Really Floating Through My Mind . . .


I have dreamt about a flock of guinea hens for a long time. So serene. So fluffy. And they help control fleas, ticks and garden pests. Once our own 'coop' is finished - I will pursue this further. Until then, I read and plot and plan. And peck away at the idea.


A cold frame. Organic salad greens all winter long. How civilized!

Unrealistic? Yep. Exactly what I need to feed my outdoor soul during my indoor, cubicle-bound work days? Absolutely.

P.S. Don't tell Corey about these thoughts. They make him panic.


zoe krylova said...

ooooo. cost transfers. i think i know where you must work. i used to do that but switched departments and titles. fiscal makes me frantic. i feel for you!

Steph said...

Okay, I am glad to say I have no idea what you were talking about at the beginning of this post. But - the "don't tell the husband what I am thinking 'cause my little fantasies of things I might do some day freak him out" I am all over that one!

Anonymous said...

Guineas really are great for taking care of ticks. I never had any problem with ticks when we had our guineas, here in Free Union. They're great fun, too. Goofy, a bit stupid, but endearing.

You'll want to get at least twice as many guineas as you ultimately want, though. Foxes, dogs and raccoons will do a job on them.

Harry Landers

Carolyn Hietala said...

Guineas are great watchdogs! We always knew when something was up at our neighbor's house as the whole flock (about a dozen) would fly upon the roof of their house and scream bloody murder. The sound echoed throughout the neighborhood. Silly birds ;0) Opossums finally snatched the last of them as they roosted in the trees. said...

Lord, your funny.
How are you stomaching a "sewer" smell right now?

I want pictures of the coop actually being built, that would be very useful!

Tracey said...

I am totally lovin' the guinea hen stories. I think creatures that are goofy, endearing and silly would completely suit the Hollow.

Someday - a coop! I promise I will post photos.

P.S. Zoe - Your sympathy made me smile. I needed it . . .