Friday, November 2, 2007

Field Trip: Eltzroth and Thompson Greenhouses

Eltzroth and Thompson Greenhouses
1686 Monacan Trail Road, Route 29 South
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Nothing makes me happier than a trip to a nursery or greenhouse during lunchtime. Actually, as of late, Philly cheese steaks make me pretty happy. So does a decaf vanilla latte - all fancy schmancy from a local coffee place. And chocolate! Hmmm. Chocolate.

Anyway . . .

, Eltzroth and Thompson Greenhouses. Located down 29 South aways. My favorite spot for bulbs and houseplants. So, I am particularly drawn to their wares during autumn.

They have a head-spinning selection of bulbs - including alliums, crocuses, ephemerals, irises, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths. You can just buy a few bulbs at a time, too. They supply small paper bags and the bulbs are offered - bulk-style - for the picking. So none of that 50-bulb commitment madness. Try out just a few this autumn. Sprinkle a few in an appealing spot.

I also dig their houseplant selection. They offer a lot of the hard-to-kill varieties. Which is what I need in my house and in my office. I have a wee bit of a black thumb with the indoor gardening ventures - but love having green stuff everywhere.

My victories: Snake plant, pothos, philodendron, spider plant. And - they offer these houseplants in several sizes. So, you can pick up a small pot of heart-leafed philodendron for $2 - to give it a whirl.

They were also selling beautiful Sago Palms - which are supposed to be very adaptable. That might be my birthday gift to myself. Weeeeee! Who says I don't live large? Large.

Off to find that Philly cheese steak. (Yeah. That's right. One more time. Large.)


TC said...

I have the gadget "Featured Gardening Blog" on my Google home page. Your garden caught my eye and so I decided to stroll by. In so doing, I felt an obligation to post a few words and compliment you on your plants and photography.

I'm also curious about your taste in music. You might be interested in the new release from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.

Tracey said...

Hi tc - Wow. Thanks so much for the post and the kind words.

And, yes. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are getting airplay out in Sugar Hollow. Good call!