Friday, November 9, 2007

How Daylight Saving Time Kills My Will To Live

(Or: How I Am Subject to Hyperbole and Overreactions)

A little quiet on the blogging front this week. Desperately trying to adjust to the darkness. "At least it is light out when we wake up!" - the optimists chirp. Uh-huh. I'm not the sunniest of people first thing in the morning, so the beauty of that light is completely lost on me.

I rush home from work in the dark - to eat and to nap. The baby and I have taken to the cave.

Corey: (Gingerly) "You doin' okay?"
Me: (Half asleep, on the couch, baby happily swimming around in my belly) - "I'm busy making a brain," I mumble.

I eagerly await this weekend. Leaves to shred. Compost to make. Bulbs to plant. Garden beds to clean up. Grandma's Pumpkin Bread to make. The glory of midday autumn light and sunshine injecting me with a little life.

*And* - Corey bought me a Wardian Case for my birthday (Reason #536 Why My Husband Rocks). A terrarium plant shopping trip is at hand.

But, one more night of naps and such. The Brain comes first.


Steph said...

When I was making a baby over the winter months, well, I was going to say that you would not believe how much sleeping there was. But I am guessing you know exactly how much sleeping there was. And she has a very impressive little brain, so I am sure you are doing the right thing.

Sleep, eat a little salmon, sleep, eat a little spinach, sleep, eat some broccoli, sleep, etc. - Stephanie's recipe for growing an impressive little brain.

Anonymous said...

Making pumpkin bread is one of the most delightful autumn activities. It seems that everyone has a favorite recipe! I make mine with a kind of unusual ingredient - coconut milk. It makes the bread so moist, the scent wafting from pumpkin bread is probably my second favorite scent.

Oh and my first favorite smell, my baby's head. Seriously, that stuff is addicting, it is the sweetest smell in the world... :)

Tracey said...

Oh, mommas. What fun. Making brains! Making bread!