Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Story: Mom's Autumn Fern

Last Thanksgiving, my mother gave me an offshoot of her autumn fern.

"These are practically unkillable," she added.

I brought it into work and it thrived.

Then, a long weekend vacation in February left it alone - without watering. I returned to find it totally dried up.

I brought it home to compost (sniff!). But my laziness on another level left it sitting in our kitchen. For weeks.

And it made one of the most amazing comebacks I have yet to witness. Looky here.

The autumn fern. Live it. Love it. Learn it.

Or, kill it and it still loves you back. How's that for unconditional?


Jean said...

This is the kind of plant I need, really. As unkillable as I am good at killing plants.

Steph said...

Yup, me too. I need an unkillable plant or two.

After many years with no houseplants, I am thinking it might be time to try again. Perhaps I am responsible enough to water a plant. I am raising two children, surely I can take care of a plant. Right?!

Maybe I will put the bossy older child in charge of the plant.

Tracey said...

Jean and Steph,

I'm thinking of doing a blog series - this winter - on the really easy houseplants. Put to the real test by *me* - killer of all things that try to thrive inside. More soon . . .

Anonymous said...

Tracey, I bought a teensy autumn fern at the wild plant sale this spring and put it in a pot on the deck. Think it will live through the winter outside in the pot? Yours is beautiful!

Betsy (trying to expand the easier-on-the-back container gardening)

Mom said...

Never tried leaving the autumn fern outside after the first threat of frost..but it thrives in a bright spot indoors..actually sends up more fronds..and it doesn't drop leaves!