Friday, December 14, 2007

What *Not* To Say To A First-Time Pregnant Chick

1. "Wow! You look like you are ready to deliver right now!" (What the ??????!!!!!!!)

2. "Are you sure there is just one in there?" (A favorite comment from total and complete strangers. It is usually accompanied by a wry smile - as if the commenter truly believes he/she is the first to think of this witty quip.)

3. "Gosh, you have how many months to go?!" (This one causes my throat to tighten and my mouth to dry up.)

4. "You are just . . . . huge!" (Four simple words. A complete lack of tact.)

People, I am scared and this is all new. Plus, you are harshing my happy pregnancy mellow and putting a damper on my frozen yogurt expeditions. Sheesh.

Please turn on your internal editor.

This weekend (finally) - back to the garden and garden stories and garden daydreaming. My computer has been restored to top capacity out in the Hollow. Stay tuned for posts about junipers and cedars; my new favorite herbalist; a Virginia estate garden with history; DIY cloches; and a houseplant that goes way back . . . to my husband's great-grandmother.


Pam/Digging said...

What inexcusable rudeness. And how about the strangers who put their hands on your belly?

Sigh. Here are a few words from a woman who's gone through it twice. 1. You are perfectly normal. 2. You will be just fine. 3. Soon you'll have a sweet baby to hold, so all that other stuff doesn't matter. 4. And then you'll have a new genre of irritating remarks from strangers to contend with. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for writing this post- people just dont get it. Oh btw if you are scared you're normal and if you are frequently finding yourself pissed at others- you are absolutely normal.
No one has the right to put a damper on your frozen yogurt expeditions-now if was ice cream...(j/k)

swampkris said...

I'm sayin' right here and now Tracey looks totally cute- and is carrying that baby bump with balance and poise to be envied. Three cheers and a malted milkshake to you, pregnant chick.

Patience_Crabstick said...

They're just jealous because you're gorgeously, glowingly pregnant.

zoe krylova said...

i used to get that all the time. at month six, "looks like you might be having more than one!" at month seven, "any day now?" at month eight, "are you going give the baby a pacifier?" at month nine, "public school or private?" sheesh. just let the baby come out already, and keep quiet about it! and then once the baby is here there's the old, "you're going to spoil that baby!" or "put a hat on that baby!" or "man, that baby is buff!!!!"

you are a goddess and all those other folks are just dumb-struck!

Laura_M said...

Not as bad as the story I heard about a Victoria's Secret clerk asking a woman who was not pregnant when she was due.
The woman replied "I'm not pregnant," and the clerk said, "Oh come on, really, when are you due?"
"No, really, I'm not pregnant."
"No, come on, when are you due?"
I was getting the "looks like any day now" jive back in August, and I'm due this Tuesday.
How boring would the world be without irritating strangers? Hang in there!

maiaoming said...

I am also pregnant - and even though this is baby #2, the comments are irritating.

I especially despise:
"Honey, that's a boy."
"Honey, that's a girl."

Are you a friggin psychic? Shut it!

Tracey said...

What could be better than hearing all of your thoughts and stories?! I feel better already.

Another plus to having a baby? Entering the community of such awesome women.

Thank you-thank you-thank you!!!

Lonnie said...

As a father-to-be my biggest irritation right now is that people keep asking "is there a baby yet?" My parents practically call every fifteen minutes (not really, but it feels like it). I'm beginning to think we should have added a week or two to the due date we told people so they'd stop harrassing us. It's stressful enough waiting without everyone bugging you about it!

Hey speaking of Gardening and Babies... One of our concerns is how to make our garden "child-proof" (both for the garden, and the child's sake!) I'd love it, if you could do a post on that sometime!